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We are a team of specialists, that is on the mission to evoke dental care in the public domain and focus on catering affordable ethical dental solutions.

Over the past few decades, health in India is gaining less importance, and oral health, the least.

Oral diseases are still a burden in India, especially among the rural and lower to medium income urban masses.

Prevalence of oral diseases is very high in India with dental caries (50%, 52.5%, 61.4%, 79.2%, and 84.7% in 5, 12, 15, 35–44, and 65–74 years old, respectively) and periodontal diseases (55.4%, 89.2%, and 79.4% in 12, 35–44, and 65–74 years old, respectively) as the two most common oral diseases.

It is well documented that there is an association of oral health with various systemic conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular disorders, pregnancy, and its impact on quality of life. Orofacial pain and loss of sensorimotor functions limit food choices and the pleasures of eating, restrict social contact, and inhibit intimacy.

Information sourced from a published report by ncbi.nlm.nih.gov

Hence, we believe that access to good dental solutions should be for all and at your convenience.

Dr.Rohit Karoor
CEO, Founder

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